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A Task management solution

eTask is a task management solution for any organization of any size.

A task may be as simple as one person task or involves a large team task that involves collaboration and team work with exchange of messages and documents. It may involve communication between several systems such as internal systems, partner systems by use of web services APIs or through other protocols.

A task may go through several steps designed formally through Business Process Methods (BPM).

A task has the following flow.

Task Task Communicate Communication Execution Execution Completion


A task may be as simple as idea or task to you or delegated to someone. The end goal of task is to get it completed.


Communication can be to self or to a team of people about the task. A reminder on a calendar is a communication to you. A customer service request from a customer is a task from a customer to the company. Threads of emails on a specific subject for a task are about executing a task towards completion. Communication between various systems between employees, customers, vendors and partners is necessary for completion of a task.

Cloud computing facilitates communication from anywhere from any device to facilitate initiation and execution of a task from anywhere.


An execution of task may be a simple one minute work by one person. Or this could be a big project that may involve several days or even months involving several people, with several steps. The sequential flow of a task is accomplished through Business Process Management (BPM) or workflow techniques.

eTask provides a cloud based comprehensive computing solution for initiation, communication, scheduling, tracking, execution of a task with Business Process Management. The Ganges BPM engine provides the process management solution. A task may be created from any device such as desktop, mobile, email. BPM manages the task for an orderly and process oriented flow from start to finish, with complete security, tracking every step. An in-built document management solution provides managing the documentation for a task.

A task may be simple as one line text for describing the task. In a Customer Service Request task, several data fields are required to collect the information about the service request. For varied types of tasks eTask provides a interface to quickly creating a template for each task – to collect appropriate data needed for execution of task, to design process flows, to define team members, the security, and provides open integration with other systems.

The generalized architecture of eTask provides building any task management solution. The following are the sample solutions implemented with eTask.

  • Ticketing/Customer Service
  • Payroll processing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Human Resource Recruitment.
  • Software development.
  • Product/Service Delivery

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